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A Review On: Citizens Of Humanity Ava Straight Leg in Dark Paris

Citizens Of Humanity Ava Straight Leg in Dark Paris

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These were my first pair of "skinny" jeans but I'd certainly say they're more of a straight leg style. I love them so much that I've purchased 3 pairs!


I love the dark wash, it holds it's color really well and doesn't bleed or fade like a lot of other brands/styles do.


One con that I do have is the lack of consistency between the pairs. I've purchased 3 pairs of this style, the first in person and the other 2 online. I had one that fit perfectly and the other was really long, so long that the hem dragged, which is considerable because jeans are typically too short for me.

Either way though, I love the color and think that the cut is flattering enough that it'll be classic in my wardrobe, plus, they hold up really well!


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