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Affliction Famor in White Canvas


Pros: Comfort, fitment, style and finish

Cons: too hard to find anymore.

These days, it's hard to find a shoe you can tool around in that isn't going to leave you feeling like you stepped in quicksand after an hour. I wanted these when they were released back in 2011, but I couldn't seem to bring myself to for over the $100+ on a pair of low tops that I would only wear once in a while. Fast forward 4 years, I own 4 pair. 2 pair of red, one black and one high top black variant, the Parrafin. I have (and still do) owned Converse, I have the leather black Chucks, wore them all the time. I noticed with those shoes, after about an hour, I started to have issues with my ankly, like it was falling asleep or that there just wasn't anything providing support anymore. I know, they're just for casual use, but when I found a pair of these from Affliction, I immediately bought them. I mean, these are some of the hardest shoes to come by, not only in the US, but abroad as well. I snatched them up for a whopping $7! (The lady didn't know what she had) and slipped them on. I must tell you, I've never quite worn a shoe that was THIS comfortable. The fitment was perfect, the cushion rivaled any of the basketball shoes i've ever worn and the workmanship was spot on. I wore them comfortably for 11 hours that day, never had an issue. I found another pair of red ones at a goodwill in Las Vegas (!) for $10 and felt like I was stealing. I found the other 2 pair on Ebay that some guy was peddling for $8 a piece... I can't believe these were still available! I walked into the Affliction store in Vegas where the guy working there stated those were super rare, and worth $200-$500 BUCKS if they could find them. I showed him my 3 pair I brought with me, he smiled. I laughed. I left. Quickly. 


In summary, get them if you find them. You won't be sorry, for whatever price. They are worth every penny. 

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Affliction Famor in White Canvas

Affliction commands us to live life to the fullest--Live fast; die young--and we fully intend to look good as we do so.Canvas upper and rubber sole. Beaded accent.

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