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A Review On: 7 For All Mankind Dojo in New York Dark

7 For All Mankind Dojo in New York Dark

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These jeans are the best. 7 for all mankind makes the best jeans with the best materials. It doesn't feel like you are wearing jeans at all. They are so comfortable and they make your butt look amazing. I am pretty short 5'2" and I can never seem to find a good pair of jeans until I discovered this brand and style. It fits amazingly. I have tried all types of brans but they all seem to either shrink or become loose as time goes on. But these stay true to what they are. I will have to go purchase a few more pairs (incrementally ofcourse). BlackFriday hurry up. :)

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IMO, some seem to look ok, bt they fell really cheap/thin for the most part. Myself, I LOVE to feel like I am wearing jeans..that's why I like jeans!