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At Ulta there is a bag that is a gift with purchase if you buy J. Lo Live or Live Luxe. And I REALLY want the bag and they won't let me buy the bag by itself. SoOOoo does anyone wear either Live or Live Luxe so I could work out some sort of arrangement where I could sell the perfume to you at a discount? Please PM me!!! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by gizmokat OMG My favorite is the Nongshim Kimchee flavor too! Except I like the packages you have to cook better than the "Just add hot water" kind. ! ^That is my FAVORITE!!!!! When I was little I got impatient waiting for water to bowl and started eating Ramen uncooked and dipped it in the seasoning. Every once in a while I still eat it like that. Weiiird.
i didn't know bluefly had coach stuff!!! i already bought the purse i was looking for off ebay. thanks for the help!
If anyone lives near the Gaffney Outlet in SC, please PM me! Or if you plan on going to the Gaffney Outlet, let me know, THANKS!!!!
Has anyone recently been to a Coach Outlet? If anyone is from Ohio, I'm REALLY interested specifically in what's at the Jeffersonville outlet. I'm looking for a big tote to use as a briefcase. Has anyone seen this purse: TIA!
size down one size??? i want to buy from judynjacob but you can't return for size... so i'm hoping they'll fit...
no one???
has anyone purchased from earthtrades anyooonee?
has anyone purchased from landensma? this auction is over, but i just wanted to see if the pics look good to you guys... NEW Coach BLACK Hamptons Leather Business Tote 10531 - (eBay item 200145108627 end time Aug-27-07 21:13:13 PDT) thanks for the help!
but what idiot keeps bidding higher than retail for jeans that are readily available at stores and websites?
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