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Why only music? How about the 90's movies? Army of Darkness, anyone? They should have done another one before Bruce Freaking Awesome Campbell got too old and Raimi got entangled with the mess that is Spider Man 3.
^Want to share one? On second thought, I'm really not into sharing. HAND IT OVER. By the way, what kind of a sandwich are we talking about it?
What? That's crazy, even if he actually made that whole thing up.
They actually canceled it. I think I'm going to go and drown my sorrows with massive amounts of pies. I should buy a ton of pies, daisies or both and send it over to Steve McPherson's house. Stupid jerk with no taste in shows.
Both Sides, Now by Joni Mitchell Heroes by David Bowie
I am! Why do they always cancel the good ones? That show is so whimsical and magical, there's nothing on television like it. Damn it, I want more of the Ned the pie maker. Anyway, they haven't canceled it yet. There is a chance they will pick it for next season but that's like 1%.
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f Opinions please: The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones Erasure vs Pet Shop Boys Led Zeppelin vs Pink Floyd Britney vs Xtina OMD vs ABC Timbaland vs The Neptunes Nirvana vs Pearl Jam Stone Temple Pilots vs Soundgarden Hootie and the Blowfish vs Dave Matthew Band Charlie Sheen vs Emilio Estevez Jim Beam vs Jack Daniels Paper vs Plastic 1. The Beatles 2. I don't know who those guys are 3. Uhhhh....i like...
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh FOREVER 21 CHARLOTTE RUSSE BLACK HALTER DRESS size S - eBay (item 130233905280 end time Jul-02-08 16:42:37 PDT) looks like a babe to me. i'd let her bid. wouldnt even care if she paid. and your thread is lame as fuck if i opened a thread on everyone that didnt pay for an auction people might actually think there was some action on this forum So it's ok to be a jerk if you look good? Can you guys at...
Quote: Originally Posted by fncestudent the british journal of medicine verified coldplay are a leading cause of leprosy in third world countries. they are terrible You can say that Coldplay is not as good as Radioheads. But you can't say that they didn't bring something new to the table as well. Sure, they are main stream so people hate on them. But the band does some good music so they shouldn't be trashed for it. Coldplay is not Britney Spear...
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder i'm sorry bro, but coldplay pulls so much influence from other bands that i find it hard to believe that they themselves have had any direct influence on anything. If I'm not mistaken most of today's bands and artists don't really have any original ideas. It's all recycled. I'm mean there is only so much new stuff that you can possibly come out with. I'm pretty sure Radioheads have been influenced by other...
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