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In their defense: gas is once again dirt cheap in Texas.
Sultry, I brought my "baby" to a photo shoot yesterday (for her second birthday) and the photographer showed up in a Hummer, LOL.
Does anyone here still wear designer jeans?
I don't even know why (most) members were banned to begin with.
I barely ever come here anymore, but I'm glad I checked in just in time to see adorable baby pics! Congratulations!
Don't worry - like I said, even American designers use that term, but they abbreviate it as Tmoro... hypocrites! LOL
"testa di moro" would be sooooo politically incorrect here!!!!! (but it is what Tmoro stands for....LOL)
We have mods?
^ you're like my husband, LOL.
Why couldn't it be the Shamwow guy.... Life (or death actually) is so unfair.
New Posts  All Forums: