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ive been wanting another piercing too, i was actually going to start a thread on it yesterday lol. So far i've had my nose, ears, and bellybutton. i'm going to get either my tongue or industrial tomorrow. Both i've heard are scary, so i'm a little nervous .. i dont know which one to get! how is the tongue and industrial piercings anyone?
hmm.. im thinking of being Lara Croft or a biker chick here are some cool ideas that i havent seen anyone try yet. - JOKER in the nurse costume with a red wig. - Sweeney Todd - Edward Scissorhands - Toy story; the green army toys. you could paint yourself all green. - Koolaid guy lol ... those would be pretty bad ass. why cant they have anything interesting like that for ladies
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilarys54 I love these: Your insider’s guide to casual shoes, dress shoes, handbags and more for women, men and kids. | Piperlime These look like Charlize's: Your insider’s guide to casual shoes, dress shoes, handbags and more for women, men and kids. | Piperlime Mmmm... Marc Jacobs: Your insider’s guide to casual shoes, dress shoes, handbags and more for women, men and kids. | Piperlime ohh ! i love all 3 of...
what do you think of the new trend.. booties? yay or nay? i hate them but they are kinda growing on me after seeing them with black tights .. so i need your opinion ! which of these 2 do you like? i'm short ( 5'1 ) so i was thinking the short black ones.. but then again the taller ones are very cute. lmk wat you think.
thank ytou so much! i tohught they were black stitching.. i tried calling the TR outlet and they were like..'uhm, true religions doesnt make any jeans with black stitch' lol
i've never seen these in person, but they look good online from what i see.. is the stitching on the backpockets are drk blue or is it black?
has anyone here done their own hemming for TR's with the twist inseams? Is it hard.. or do you it the same way as you would hem any pair of regular jeans. also, i've lost quite a bit of weight recently and i was thinking of having them taken in.. not just from the waist but from the inseam also(make it fitted instead of baggy around my legs). Is that complicated? - if you've had this professionally done i want to know how it came out too.. i'd rather do it myself...
ok guys.. ijust came back from the TR outlet.. it was rediculously crazy in there.. and its a huge mess. You really have to dig to find your size. They associates tell you where your size is but honestly yourbetter off just lookin thru all the sizes b/c they are all mixed up. I found 3 great pairs for $129. There were a lot $89 - 129 max for jeans. Definetly going there from now on.. it was deff a hit with me. I think im going to apply there too.. the manager told me they...
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 Come on, people have really been buying lobster with their EBT cards? I'm pretty sure you are restricted as to what you can buy with those. And the benz? Again, do you follow people who use those EBT cards and watch what they drive and where they drive to? did you read the other post i made afterwards..? I don't follow them. I used to work at a shaws and i would see that these people are buying all this good...
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f That's not our tax money; that's drug money. kthx. oh ya, i can deff see like extra luxuries they are buying coming from drug money.. but i'm saying that's our tax money that is giving them a place to stay and provide them free heat, water, etc..
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