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Wow, thats a nice hem job. Well worth $300 in my eyes.
Does anyone else here want free money? Since I am in such a refudning mood of hundreds of dollars, then I migth as well send everyone on the board a free $100. Do you guys want my checking account #, too? Let me know.
No, I am not a newbie, but I am also not an idiot. So, with that said, odds of them receiving refunds are slim and none. More none than slim. Try going after the other sellers out there who have listed 33993 fakes and KNOW they are selling fakes. Not the ONE fake I have sold in the past 3 years on Ebay.
Didnt know they were fake. He's happy w/ them. So, I guess to answer your question: NO! That microstiching is hard to read, ya know!?
hmmmm, MILLIONS!
Explanation # 1 - I didnt know they were fakes. Explanation # 2 - Will does not get a refund! I am not losing out on his word. Yes, those are 60D's. How many 60D's are there in this world he could take a picture of? I want a picture of the inside stiching because I had them redone and would notice.
How about this. THERE IS NO REFUND! I did not ignore him. We have been over it many times. He checked Ebay to see the jeans I have sold in the past and picked a pair of Zaf's. I have contacted the seller who supposedly received the Zaf's and he said everything was fine. Therefore, there is NO REFUND period. Sure, ill give back $300 based on what this guy has to say. Sounds good to me. Yea, ok.
03 772 diesel plain t weird kiss face which was to my GF taking the pic
Quote: Originally Posted by Flare also prefer comfortable loose fit! you should try a different cut if that is the case.
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