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no matter; any domain with "true religion" in it other than the official "true religion" website is fake
They've been hemmed without originals as well. That's a huge disadvantage, imo.
This shit is ridiculous. I'm sure if TR started making size 40 in womens, we could talk about obesity and obsession with food? If designers would stop VANITY SIZING everything, we wouldn't be in this predicament, now would we? I seriously wish there was NO size tag; that way no one would know what size they wear, they would just put on what fits. Referring to a size 23 as someone with an eating disorder? That's plenty ignorant. lilcram....
^ I don't see it that way. Why does it have to be a fight anyway? I also don't understand the "bastard child" analogy either.
I also don't see the point of bashing one forum to raise another. AF has a great community, fun people, and lots of knowledgeable mods and members. Don't forget the hotties over there either. 16,000+ members can't be a bad thing either. HF has its element, and so does AF; one doesn't have to override the other.
Yep, real IMO.
Rinse. If I didn't have Rinse Supers in sz 23, I'd get these...
droooooooooool, I want a pair; they look great on you, and are really gorgeous in person.
Those are just...bad. Nothing about them looks like sfam.
Mercer Dojos and LTM Gingers run TTS; I had them altered at the hip, thigh area though, because everything is big on me, lol. Mercer A pockets and flares fun one full size big, and that's why I sold them both.
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