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Up for sale is a pair of super-comfortable pre-owned AG Adriano Goldschmied cords in a moss green color. They're perfect for bumming around in. They just never get worn because I have too many raw pairs to work on. They're cheap. Snatch 'em.   Measurements: Waist: 17 Rise: 9.5 Thigh:12 Knee:8.5 Hem: 8.5 Inseam: 31.5
Crap. Just realized this should be in the 34+ thread. Sorry. Any mods care to relocate it for me? Much appreciated.
This evening bag is perfect for you. It has the CD logo stamped onto the hardware. It has the inner logo lining. The inner tag is stitched all the way around and attached only at the top.  The tag reads "CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS" while the underside says "MADE IN ITALY" in addition to the date/line number. These bags were made sometime between 1990 and 2005. The strap is listed at 15.5 but it is fully adjustable.   Throw this on with your favorite black dress and watch jaws...
What's up DenimBlog? It's been a minute...can't remember the last time I was on here. I've got references here and eBay (username mikeonautopilot).   Anyway, I've got a brand new pair of white Thanaz ready to be shipped straight to your legs. It is summer, and everybody knows summer means white jeans.   **There's a slight blue mark in the back up on the waistband. It was from the store tag. I'll try to get pictures, but you could probably wash it off or just dgaf and wear...
Zathan 88G.
012509 (Click for alternate that doesn't make me look as short) I shaved just for you, Bio. Sorry, but the hair is going to stay since I can do fun things with it.
I was wondering what happened to Comeback Kid (the user, not the band).
I can't sleep at night so this is how bored I get. Sorry, best friend isn't in this one. 012209 Took a half hour break from IAs. Ha. P.S. Post more pics and talk less shit. P.P.S. Naomi80 I like the outfit minus the fur. You look tall.
Shit's ridic.
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