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sizing specifically for this pair: APRIL 77 Women - Denim - Jeans APRIL 77 on YOOX thanks!
Just wondering if anyone knew what size I would be in April 77s if I wear a sz 27 for the nudie TLJ?
its funny that this topic is up...i pretty much just got my girlfriend a pair of rocks for v-day. she's easy to shop for...lol jeans for christmas, jeans for birthday, jeans for valentines hahaha shes always happy..also she was hinting the cut and wash to me everyday haha so it was hard to not get it for her
my gf got hers taken out when she was a bit younger like 10 years old? she said she remembers it wasnt bad, just a bit sore when she woke up and she got popsicles and icecream during the healing process hahaha.
i escalated the claim the same day i posted, so dec 22nd. and so far it said that paypal has called the seller and the seller said it isnt fake =/ and that just pisses me off but what else would they say right? and all it says it that paypal is still reviewing the case. its taking a long time!
how long does it take for paypal to look over claims and stuff? if anyone remembers this is what happened to me: http://www.honestforum.com/rock-repu...t-scammed.html and i escalated the claim but so far NOTHING and im really starting to look at this as a losing situation for me =( how long does it usually take? its been like..a little more then a month. should i call paypal?
thats so ridiculous
my gf just told me that someone said that if some girls jeans were real she wud be wearing "real uggs" but she doesnt think its anyone from the forum. lol who is saying all this stuff?
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus Um, someone back me up? LoL I posted but I guess it takes awhile to update. its posted already, my girlfriend was laughing and looking at it so i guess its been updated.
hahaha you girls are so hilarious..including my girlfriend. She wanted to post the link that shows how to authenticate crowns but I told her not to. lol but yes that is the picture!!
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