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I dont care..unless they start clubbering seals for special edition ety belts
Best washes i own: 71B, 71E I would kill kittens for a 71G...
Really thinking of ordering a 31. Just debating my opinion on the pocketdesign.
They look great, but indeed size down 1. Do they really shimmer so much, or is that the flash?
Ahh lazy me. THX! I can always ship back an forth and loose some shipping cash..
Those DDG's are crazy cool! Might order them. What the rule of thumb on DDG sizing??
Even bigfoot doesnt want to be caught dead with them.. they ARE horrible. And im a Koffha fan Just get some 71B or 784, both great.
I would very much like a pair.. But im a 31 lenght. And if they end up 35...hemming 4 inch is a no go
beyond fugly comes to mind to the she-male...
Awesome pics and great fit!! The wash kind off looks like a 8FC-71B mix. Im so glad i hate the pockets though.. i have to many dark pairs!
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