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I have yet to figure out how dry denim should fit for each kind of jeans... Am I supposed to be able to button them up? I got them from BiG - their measurements are my normal measurements but I can't get them all the way on. Also - they're one washed, so I don't need to soak, right? TIA!
And wallets/wristlets:
Just found this thread... for those Marc-o-philes, my lopsided collection!
Well I'm over there almost all of the time now. I'm HmMmluvthatbag (real original). I wanted to see if I recognized anyone here! I'm usually in MJ.
I emailed them and they lifted my limits. I think it's their weak attempt to police counterfeits. All their doing is hopelessly annoying sellers and shooting themselves in the foot. A lot of sellers from the Purse Forum are moving over to Bonanzle. It's free to list and the FVF are very reasonable (capped at $10).
I don't post much anymore, but damn you guys make me laugh out loud. Thanks for the most random discussion ever. *runs from midgets and cannibals*
I don't remember any jeans bargains... But I did get a Marc Jacobs Eggplant New Tote with matching wallet for $150 (on eBay these would go for more like $300-500).
I never have time for reading, but I decided this weekend to pick up "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin. For some reason it was my favorite book in high school and I have to remember why.
Way to go! Degrees are AWESOME!
I've got WAY too many stories to tell... When I was 3 or 4 my favorite thing to do was walk around the neighborhood butt naked. People about had heart attacks and asked if I was ok. Somehow I always had the sense to stay away from getting in cars with strangers. My mom and dad about killed me, but the look on people's faces was so priceless, I did it numerous times. In 5th grade me and some friends lit a dumpster on fire. We just kept throwing matches in, but nothing...
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