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do they run TTS? thanks!
how do i do that? mine isn't a US account. its based in the UK. Loan Do- if you are worried, you can check with evelyn, leesamarie33, darlinanna, veralynn and lizlikeshugs. Ive bought jeans from all of them before.
I need help with crown jeans! My friend recently purchased a pair of LA crown jeans 70s wash (apricot coloured ones) I noticed that the rivets are different from my other stockholm crown jeans. They dont have the opposite Rs on the inside! Are they fakes? Thanks in advance!
I received my order from Revolve Clothing like 2 days ago and it was my first time buying stuff from them! They messed up my order!!!! Maybe they are too busy for Christmas. They left out one of the tees that I ordered. Not only that, they gave me the wrong size for another tee!! I e-mailed them 2 days ago and they have not replied! Anyone had problems like me? Don't know what I should do now...should I not wait for their reply and send back the tee?
are they really 100% authentic? there are like 5 of the same pairs for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by cindy fourneau yehh but they get them for 99$ and resell them on ebay for 169 some 179 not shipped so them make some money there wow...they make alot of money for a pair! I would love to be in their shoes as well. haha
i just hope that they aren't like super excellent fakes. I just bought a pair.
did rock and republic produce more crowns or what? there are so many crowns for sale popping up everywhere! its scary...
sorry everyone. I went down to the store and they weren't white crowns. salesgirl told me they were white crowns over the phone but they're actually silver crowns, white madrid jeans.
Found some white crowns (bootcut style) on discount. Called them and they aren't sure what style they are in. Let me know if anyones interested in them. I'll be going down to the store in awhile to check it out. I'm 100% sure they are authentic as there are only 2 boutiques that sell them over here! They are 250USD. I know they've got other styles on discount as well but all the big sizes left!
New Posts  All Forums: