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Does anyone know if these 2 websites sell authentic designer handbags? Thanks in advance!
I don't think your credit card company can do a bank transfer. You would have to go down to your bank and transfer funds from your account to the seller's account (which I presume would be an account with a German bank). So really...you have no protection whatsoever. So if she decides to cheat you , you will never see your money again.
krisdc- did you get my PM?
Quote: Originally Posted by kriscdc all of them were about $100. so i was thinking for selling them around $130ish, and the crystal ones more (around $150 or is that too high???), to cover sales tax, paypal fees, shipping and gas... is that fair??? oops didn't see that you are going to price the crystal ones at 150USD.
I will buy the teal crowns from you if they are 130USD!!!
sz 24 JAGGER cjagchp crystal chromas....and... sz 24 JAGGER Jagrwr with crystals..... Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by NBM Hi izzy, you bought jeans from C21 before too, and you should know that one seiral number doesn't only associated one specific pair of jeans! The jeans have exact the same serial number if they are the same styles even in different sizes! Not only that, I have ever bought different colors of crowns in the same sizes that had the same exact serial number! I am sure if you check those receipts, you will find out! But that's...
they are filled in with gold stitching
I just got mine in the mail today and im kinda worried. the rivets/ studs at the pockets aren't copper!mines like a dirty silver colour. i compared the tag with the tag on the jeans that hipslikemonroe's selling and everythings about the same except for the CUT #. I did some searches on ebay and HF to see if other gold sig kiedis had the copper rivets and they all do! I am kinda lost here.... Does RR do the gold signature kiedis in different cuts with diff coloured...
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