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http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...171&pid=300523 that is the blazer in question. yeah, normally i would just return it. but since i got it pretty cheap (it was on sale), then i'd be willing to spend a little bit more to make it fit perfectly. if there isn't really a cost effective way, i probably will just return it and continue my search for a perfectly fitting navy blazer.
does anyone know if you can tailor blazers? i recently bought a blazer from the gap and it is a bit long. I bought a 36R because they sold out of 36S. Should I just return the blazer or is there anyway I can shorten it to fit me without it looking awkward. There are two pockets near the bottom of the blazer both on the left and right sides. I was thinking that it might look awkward if they just shortened it from the bottom (pockets might look too low). Any...
now this is what i call holiday spirit. awesome!
live in los angeles, ca. me and my roomies pay 2400 a month not including utilities for a 2br/2ba apt (approx 1100sq. ft.). damn westwood!
i usually tip 20%. more during the holiday season though.
i've never had any experience with threadless tees. im like 5'9. what size should i get? S or M?
i am also going through my first real major breakup..we were together for just about 4 years, and it is just really tough to be apart from her. she was my first love and my best friend. this is one of the hardest things i've ever gone through, but i guess it's something that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. it's just so hard when you love someone so much, but they act and talk in a way that suggests that they do not feel the same way anymore. i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Motocross Quote: Originally Posted by truestorytravis a little warmer for a cold crappy wisconsin day. What kind of shoes are you wearing? ditto. those look sick!
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