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Quote: Originally Posted by gospastic me today in a very silly pose: what kind of jeans are those? also what kind of jacket is that?
does fred segal carry diesel? ive never been there so i am not sure what kind of clothing they carry. also, any chance that diesel denim will be on sale?
where can i see pictures of koffha 772?
definitely need pics! did they have a lot of sizes at the santa monica store? would you also size down from your ordinary zaf size or stick to the same zaf size? thanks!
he was RIDICULOUS tonight.
seahawks all the way!!
those look good. how much do they retail for?
looks great.
will the greenish tint wash out?
Quote: Originally Posted by cebseb Quote: Originally Posted by masterduck510 I NEVER KNOCKED ON NOBODY!!! I NEVER KNOCKED ON NOBODY!! (great timing with the chuck norris/vin diesel thread too!) ...it's "narced"...as in past tense of Narc (short for Narcotics Agent...undercover...stool pigeon...etc...) i need to get better hearing...so embarrassed... but you get the point. the swat line is still the best line...
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