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what kind of shoes are those? Quote: Originally Posted by cebseb this one's for you lavapup
hey, i was just wondering what shoes everyone wore to dress up (nice jeans, shirt, blazer, etc.). i'm not looking for the typical square toe loafer with the huge sole. i want some shoes with more of a pointed toe and a smaller sole that gives more of a clean and sophisticated look. can anyone help me out? thanks!
wow, looks like you got a good deal. that thing still looks new! mighty fine watch. Quote: Originally Posted by zr0e i bought it used; paid about 50% msrp, which is around $7400 or possibly $8400 with the bracelet, I don't really remember now... My total cost with the strap, deployant clasp, bracelet and watch was around $3622. (I recouped a little bit by profitting on some strap sales...)
Quote: Originally Posted by zr0e Right now it's on a black crocodile strap for the "cooler" (55-60 in January...cool) weather. This is my fourth Breitling, although I've sold the other three, I think this one is a keeper though. drooool... man i wish i had a breitling. mind me asking how much it set you back?
what is the name of those boots? those are some nice looking shoes.
nixon roadie.
i went to the melrose fred segal today....and there was no sales at all. what a bummer.
where did you get your thermal from?
awesome thread! i can't wait to get a dog! (hopefully a golden retriever as cute as lizm or kks' dogs)
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