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yeah, i just got a pair of true religions the other day and felt that the waist does run a size larger. I usually wear a 30 but got size 29 for the true religions. It fits well, hopefully it just wont shrink like crazy. Does anyone know if they shrink a lot in the waist after washing? Thanks. Also, I was wondering, can the european hem still be done on the true relgions (where the side stiching cuts across to the middle of the front of the pant leg). Can I still...
i am shocked. I recently was at an Urban Outfitters here in Westwood Village in California and saw several pairs of Zathan 772s. I am pretty sure that they were authentic, but I now must be more wary about these things I guess. However, ordering from Urbanoutffiters.com would be a safe bet right?
hi, i am very tempted to purchase the size 32 zathans from atriumnyc.com. However, i just have one question. I tried a pair of 30x30 in a local urban outfitters today. Overall, I really liked the fit, even though it was a little tight in my thighs and the flare did seem a bit much. However, I think this just takes getting used to it (i've never worn designer jeans like this before). I'm wondering if I should get the 32s or not. Will there be a huge difference in...
Cut: Zathan 772 Size: 30x30 Preferably Sale Price Location: California
what kind of belt is that?
thanks for your reply, yeah, im pretty sure they were zathan 772s. they look extremely similar to the authentic zathan 772 pictured on honestdave.com on the page where it shows you the differences between fake and real diesels. THEYRE SWEEEEET! haha, however, don't you feel like its lighter in color than what is pictured on the urban outfitters site? it might just be the lighting or the camera used. either way, i am determined to get a pair!! theyre just so hard to...
They were lighter than that.. a light blue fade...I am beginning to think that they were 772...I am not sure though. Do you know of all the lighter fades (more toward white-ish fade) that are available on zathans.
Sorry, kind of off topic, but I just wanted to ask you guys if you could identify a pair of jeans for me. I've seen a couple of people with these jeans now and I am DESPERATE to get my hands on some but I am unsure of the wash. I know this is probably very vague, but any help would be appreciated. They are diesels, and the fit looks to be zathans. They fit well in the thigh area and then flare out just a bit in the bottom half. They also were of a lighter blue wash...
I think there was a code floating around before. I think it was 20% off but am not sure. It's worth a try I guess. Code: luckybreak
Hi, I just found this forum today and I love it! I have a question for all you guys. Do you think these jeans are authentic? I'm so paranoid because I've been ripped off in the past by ebay sellers. Would appreciate any help you guys can provide. Thanks!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...e=STRK:MEWA:IT
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