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i have the sd550 and it's awesome. not familiar with the sd600 though.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbfan is this high school or university? cuz for university, this might get u expelled or suspended... i think he's in high school given that the "essay" is for AP Poli Sci. gotta love senioritis.
tnf hot shot, but i want a messenger bag for lighter days
that is one of the best ones i've heard. lol. Quote: Originally Posted by jh2240 Chuck Norris once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. He spent the first 45 minutes having sex with his waitress.
the only is that they creases on the back of the jeans may look a bit low (near your calf rather than on the back of your knee).
Quote: Originally Posted by derangedgoose while on the subject, my friend did the same thing. www.junk-apparel.com cool shirts. any discounts for hf members??
Quote: Originally Posted by jen10 Quote: Originally Posted by joeoonguy Jesus! talk about bootie. its a bootie alright! is that supposed to be mean or a compliment? trust me. its a compliment. looks great.
so true. unlimited champagne at vegas brunch buffets. it seems like a good idea at the time... Quote: Originally Posted by bombon99 Has anyone ever gotten drunk with champagne?.....OMG it gives you a hell of a hangover!!...ughhh new years...hmm still a blur...(insert vomit icon here)
damn. nice bike.
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