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nash is awesome, don't get me wrong.....but he got posterized BIG time
Quote: Originally Posted by rebjlee oh btw...about the whole goofy/regular footed thing... people will try to tell you to do whatever feels most natural...don't believe them! =] your back foot should be your strong foot (whichever foot you kick a ball with)...b/c when you get better--that's the foot that will be controlling your board...then when you get super good...you can learn the opposite and start doing 180's on the jumps Hahah my gear:...
it's ALL about UCLA!!! GO BRUINS!!
just be careful with the rise. the rise is like 1 1/2- 2inches shorter.
ceb: urban outfitters bdg t-shirt?? i have the exact same shirt. best. t-shirt. ever.
sweeeet collection.
how tall are you?? the honeycomb in the back seems awfully low.
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