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Ohhhh, ok. I looked at mine that I got from coach and I totally see what you're talking about. Thanks so much for the quick response!
Hey guys! My mom bought this bag off of eBay without asking me to post a link or pics on here to check authenticity. I can't tell a fake from a real one, so I just get them straight from Coach. If you ladies wouldn't mind helping me help my mom, I'd be grateful! COACH BLACK GREY SIGNATURE LOGO TOTE PURSE 1443 on eBay Handbags, Bags, Women's Accessories, Handbags, Clothing, Shoes Accessories
Quote: Originally Posted by arriarri But if there's anyone here that went to law school, they'll support me on this: your outlook changes vastly once you go through it... it's a pretty humbling experience, and you get to see what's what... so... I'll leave the rest to your own experience. I'm a 1L right now and yeah, it changes a lot about you and what you consider success to be, IMO. It also makes you confront some hidden demons you never knew...
Might be corny, but he looks like an "oreo" to me. Too cute!
I agree about the Henckel's. I have a block set and LOVE em. You can get em at Macy's when they have good home sales and interestingly enough, some Targets sell the lower end ones. (the ones with one man instead of the twin men on the block-more for professional chefs) If you get the eversharp Henckels you don't have to sharpen, but if you get the ones without the serrated edges, you can sharpen them, but my mom has those and they're bloody sharp and I don't think she...
I'm a Trojan actually...
Your scores are really great. I'm sure you'll have many acceptance letters (hopefully accompanied by scholarship $$) on the way! Also, I would recommend reading Getting To Maybe. It REALLY helps when you are trying to approach 1L exams for the first time (I'm a 1L right now and WISH I had read it last semester!). Good luck in Feb!
I own the one without the logos, but it's a cognac color and I LOVE it! I'm in law school though so I needed a nice bag that would compliment suits and whatnot during interviews/jobs. I think in black however, I actually like the one WITH the logos better. Either way, you'll have a beautiful bag!
Woohoo! Thanks you guys...I was so nervous!
I bought these at Macy's, but I'm a little weary of them since they don't have the trademark waistband lining that my other Paige's have. I wanted to list them in the mall but I need to make sure they are real first! Hope these pics work. Thanks!
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