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i would presume you will get more constructive results from styleforum, superfuture, or even fashion spot.
actually poor, that message wasnt meant for you but rather for talk shows and shads. you may have played for a junior champion team, but i cant see a single glimpse of sportsmanship(or any sign of professionalism for that matter) from your posts.
whats with all this argument. i would assume that people who have actually played the sport to a certain level would know better than to argue on a public internet forum. if you could logically back up your opinions thats great. but if i had that much to know about it, i wouldnt argue with those who are more of a watcher than a player. im all up for filling in for those who actually have the ears to listen though.
actually the insurance service would be a real sound reason for the HM membership fee, if you want to take the idea further in as one of the policing method of the HM. though in that case the price should be high enough to kill legitimate amount of possible profit from scamming.
about 5 rag&bone pairs coming in. ran me about $900
check the quality and how much they go for in the real boutique. there is absolutely no chance that anyone would be making profit for the price that seller is putting up, if they were authnetic.
didnt he explain that on the first post of this page? Quote: Originally Posted by nique27 unfortunately i thought the IM was being logged on my work computer but it was not and I didnt save it.
surface shipping is just too much of a pain in most cases. i had a jacket that had been sent from NY by that and it took over two months. didnt feel like wearing them after all the time had passed. also, i had a friend who studied here in japan for a couple of months, doing research about social issues. she had her documents and books sent by surface mail, and they dropped her package to the sea. 8 months of research gone, with a short letter of apology coming with it....
Quote: Originally Posted by grindervp1@comcast.net Quote: Originally Posted by ~Nicole~ Hey you're not too far from me! I live in WS...nice shirt btw! Yeah, totally!!! I go to the UW so when I'm at school we are even closer i used to live around bellevue for elementary/middle school. my firends ought to be seniors right now. we might have ran into each other on UW if i stayed there. hahah
trovata. if you dont mind paying extra
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