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Dunno if Trouleg is your cup of tea but that 8BI is nice and sexy
Quote: Originally Posted by nittakupal That dude is definitely a member here. I like how you: Both live in Canada Both have similar e-mails Both buying fakes Both selling fakes Both like nimrod I would also be much more offended than you have shown if I was accused of these heinous acts, lol. It's a small world. Youre right on most accounts, including me having bought fakes (who hasnt, thats why we end up here right?) but i certainly dont sell...
^ lol hes getting owned
mcgillnimrod AT gmail.com is my email adress. if you dont believe me i can shoot you an email. And btw GMAIL doesnt allow ' _ ' in emails... i DO use an old email gd_nimrod @ hot as my msn adress though. i guess that means im guilty Please dont lock me up w/ avocado though, cause hes gonna own...i mean...STALOWN me in prison. -Oh and if you blank out your name from outlook, make sure you do the same from your ebay email header. You never know who knows your name now.
Ya i saw that, well what can you do right. *signs out of account and runs far FAR away from you HFers* Quote: Originally Posted by gpb118 So you traded these two days ago with someone and now he's selling them along with a bunch of fakes and you both happen to have a SN with nimrod in it? I hate to jump to conclusions but... If I'm wrong I take it back immediately but you gotta admit it seems sketchy... Im not offended and i dont expect an...
Quote: Originally Posted by SFAM There is also Levan 70K as well. Shazor 70K eBay.ca: Diesel Jeans Shazor Art 70K 28 x 32 Spring/Summer 2006 (item 200132616741 end time 28-Jul-07 14:21:47 EDT) Levan 70K eBay.ca: Diesel Jeans Levan Art 70K 28 x 34 Spring/Summer 2006 (item 200133706557 end time 30-Jul-07 19:58:19 EDT) Hella cheap!
The noise definately came out her 'hooha'...which is why i was so confused. I guess theres a first time for everything
haha lol no way. I did a trade 2 days ago for a pair of x-ros with a local montrealer (ask NotSoNice, we pmd each other about trade possibilities). He wanted 772s, i wanted 796s. I got the 796s yet they werent perfect size for me and started a new thread for those in the mall. I guess danim's didnt fit too good either. Point is, im not gonna sit here and defend myself like an idiot if id be so stupid to make it blatantly obvious i was selling fakes. But think what you...
Hells no, we were at the foreplay stage...so i dont know what to tell ya.
Nope, not me. We're both Nimrod fans i guess.
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