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Hey ladies, If my gf wears a 26/27 in SFAM what does that translate to for RR and TRs? I want to get her a pair of jeans for her bday.
scarjo, jessica alba, and cherlize theron! end of story. PERIOD, no buts!
TTIUWOP!!! just kidding most girls are sensitive about their figures. Trust me i know, i get in trouble everytime i talk to a girl about their weight. If i say the truth, they get pissed, if i lie they'd know i'm lying. Best choice is to ignore them. but yeah, eat healthier and do more cardio! i'm sure u'll lose the fat in no time!
Quote: Originally Posted by soulfly I'm actually glad that in Calgary there aren't many places that sell R&Rs. Why? I don't want to be wearing the same jeans as everyone! true that... but the truth is, a lot of people are wearing R&Rs now in calgary, did you see the clubbing crowds? almost all are in R&Rs now. But still I guess majority are girls but I see lots of guys in RRs now too. It's starting to get really popular and becoming the norm. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by staluckey two words JEANS BAN!! won't work, i had denim ban in my sig for a while now. and yet i still bought 2 pairs this week... and i'm a guy haha, i feel bad for these girls tho. My collection is only 8 pairs tho. btw you girls are rich!!! 60 pairs at $120 a piece. That's a lot of money on jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by candies121 Ok this is my sister and me this Christmas in the Dominican Republic. And this is Bermuda Shorts Day last year at my school (it's like a big end of year party) Haha I thought that looked like macHall! go BSD! here's me at voodoo club on top of the rio hotel at vegas last week.
nice jeans and nice ass
i donno, i think i look good in my henley and taylors :P
they're HOT!
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