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i only washed those 88z once actually, now to think about it.. that's pretty hobo :) 
I would just go by advice/comparisons given prior had it been a general zatiny wash. I searched the forums. 8AT is said to be stretchy so I'm second guessing. 
Hi guys, I need some help figuring out what size to order.    I have a pair of Zatiny 8AT and they fit almost perfectly (a lil tight).. keep in mind that they're stretched out as I've had them for a few years now.   I just lost a lot of weight recently but I'm between sizes. As I type, I am wearing a pair of Zatiny 88z size 36 which I manage to put on and take off without having to unbotton it. 6 months ago before I started dieting it would barely fit me.. I...
Hello. I'm an HF veteran and I am here to rant about jeans ripping and becoming essentially useless.   In the past few years these following pairs have become destroyed in the following order:   - Zaf 796 - 2008 - Zathan 71j 2009 - Viker 71j (within a year of ownership) 2009 - Zatiny 8WM (within a year of ownership) 2010 -  Zatiny 88z (had it for a little over a year now) 2012   All of these jeans have developed tears near the crotch area and...
anyone seen this in person? Diesel Online Store Men's KIOSK-SERVICE 00JTL - Fall Winter - Diesel - Official Online Store tryin to figure out if i should go L or XL
that's hott
hey guys, so I read GQ the one with Bruno's ass on the cover.. and they said chubby guys need to wear black shorts and avoid colors n patterns.. now this is the only swimwear i have (picture from last year) I lost a lil bit since then, and dropped like 20 lbs when i shaved my head.. but i still wanna get a pair of black swimming shorts (buying into what the media puts in our heads and their perception of beauty) so I looked online.. couldn't find what I want on...
haha i haven't logged in in awhile man!
i get a lot of white heads on my nose everymorning! and they annoy the shit out of me..might be out of topic but anyone know what to do with those? besides squeezing them out..
is that johnny wolf in the picture? the guy in the middle is johnny wolf, or is this some member here, or is johnny wolf a member here
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