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i +d ross and 130_R for fuck's sake
ross, it's okay for odie to be a complete bitch, just not for me or sevs to do it. because then we uh, don't have balls? i don't know. i don't speak dumbfuck.
http://www.honestforum.com/rock-repu...eaving-hf.html umadaboutit? whiners that post drama leaving threads always come back
hahahaha odie is back?! bring me sevenkid! now!
-1 for listing m.i.a. in the same worst artists list as lil wayne, when another mention of lil wayne would have been much better
so is sevenkid perm banned?
i've also been in moderator/admin capacities and think that transparent moderation logs, DONE RIGHT, are key in maintaining respect by mod/admin staff. they show that the rules are being enforced even-handedly (if they are) and no shady shit is going down (if it isn't.)
He's still banned. Ross: Why?
Now, I will address Dave's concerns with me. Quote: his account broke. i am not really in the mood for doing him any favors and going in the backend and fixing his account tonight. fighting against him for the past 5 days has been quite tiring. i told him to ask me to fix his account in a week. but honestly has been extremely disrespectful to hf members lately and i am on the fence as to whether we should keep him around or not If an account "breaks",...
New Posts  All Forums: