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Quote: Originally Posted by gizmokat I think #2 should be above #1... getting this place organized and getting viewership back up should be priority #1 shouldn't be any speed issues right now anyway... *back to lurking* I quite agree. Stopping the ship from sinking is more important than rearranging the deckchairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave yea, tis been slow. maybe we should let some of the banned members back in. i would possibly be up for this if we could find a good manager to help run things. I am so swamped with my job here in India that I don't have enough time to spend online. would love your thoughts on this. it's nice that you're asking these days. why would they want to come back? at the moment, this place has nothing to offer...
just in case, i will give you a nice finder's fee if you can get 30x32
diesel's just not so exclusive anymore. the world is dotted with retail stores and so by presence, if not by price, it has become a mass-market brand, which is somewhat distasteful to the pseudo-fashionistas and so they have turned away from the brand. in addition, the move into mass-market means that the product offering has been hugely expanded, which has resulted in a decline in originality and design (this can be particulalry evidenced by the t-shirt section of the...
just to add to the confusion, i definitely think you should size down with 8DK. mine super-stretched. however, grondie's point seems like sensible middle ground if you're not sure.
how the mighty have fallen
Yoox has 8AC in waist size 30 and above with 32 and 34 inseams. What's the verdict on these? Does anyone actually wear them? Grondie, what was your rationale for buying a pair? What would happen if they were dyed black?
i don't get the love for 88z. it's a poor man's 8aa, without the depth. plus the quality is so-so and they don't age well. and mine ran ridiculously long too. i've never worn them.
Quote: Originally Posted by nervous24 Still no luck my friend. Only 30x34 thanks for checking.... again! i can't believe i didn't buy some back-ups when they were onsale for $80 (they were fucking everywhere this time last year)
Ravix from aw02, i didn't pay attention to wash codes in those days but there was some bleach-like fading. All in all, grotesque.
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