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never mind.
Happy Belated!!!!!!!! xo
Happy Belated!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by yummymummy We're going to the splash park today, and I was thinking something a little more like this... please be gentle that looks AWESOME!! very appropriate!!! I love that bikini top! 110% better then those skanky bikini pictures the guys posted. seriously guys, are you 12 years old?!?!?!
^^^^ agreed!! We saw it yesterday and it was awesome!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MFLO What's really funny is that I described Radiohead to my parents as my generation's Pink Floyd. And for you guys that like In Rainbows and also have some love for hip hop, download the Rainydayz remixes... I guarantee you'll love them. Amplive - Rainydayz Remixes thanks for that
Quote: Originally Posted by callire I have a facebook... but it's horrible and I rarely use it. It's annoying... Facebook is for people who need to prove they have a social life by incessantly posting pics of themselves/friends every other day. It's commercializing "friendship." Bah. Humbug. i don't have to prove I have a social life. I just do. and the people in my life get a kick out of seeing what we have been up to and vice versa. More...
Quote: Originally Posted by MFLO MySpace.com - Michael - 24 - Male - Las Vegas, Nevada - www.myspace.com/mflo Yes, I too have a myspace page. all myspace pages should look like yours. *sounds good too!! - I use myspace to keep up to date on some of my fav artists/entertainers. I suspect none of them have ever taken a look at my page, so it is pretty bare bones. MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/26086224 I think I have 2 or 3 regular folk, none...
Back on topic: we're going next Saturday to see it and I am very excited to see it along with my kids.
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