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lol imatopppppppppppppppp
thank you so much ppls!!! <3 and congrats cutup, i wish you a blessed marriage and many kids. haha. and lilcram, im 24.
just a taste of my wedding pics...these are just some taken by mine and his family!
thank you sandman and christine!! i will be sure to post pics!
im making a confession/announcement... ill be getting married this sunday. i expect gifts in cash, ty.
hf should become a martyr and kill self.
kill self.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bebop Just smoke some weed n u'll sleep like a baby this. altho i got my hands on some promethazine pills that knock me the fuck out.
yo, my cat kills dogs. kidding, i just want to postwhore this lil shit everywhere. where is kitty thread?
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