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amazing what good pics/description will do... Rock & Republic Jeans UTILITY Scorpion Size 26 Aritzia - eBay (item 280228394887 end time May-25-08 20:15:45 PDT) Rock & Republic Jeans pants Scorpion UTILITY 27 Aritzia - eBay (item 280228389508 end time May-25-08 19:50:55 PDT)
Women 7 For All Mankind Jeans A Pocket Crop IBI 29 - eBay (item 110245021660 end time Apr-24-08 19:04:11 PDT) What wash is this and how do they run? Thanks.
The seller claims this is amethyst, but I thought amethyst pockets only come in yellow stitch :S What wash do you think this is?
I wear a 28 inseam, so many washes like NYD have fading/whiskers that come down to the middle of my shins. What wash would you recommend for me? Thanks
can you tell what wash that is?
7 for all mankind 'Dojo" Stretch Jeans sz 30X34 Dakota - eBay (item 140216961743 end time Mar-26-08 05:48:41 PDT)
I believe sleeping Rs are so old they don't get faked, but the fading at the front is fugly!
I read a lot of horror stories about R&Rs ripping, now it finally happened to me I bought it from here and don't have a receipt. Would anyone by any chance have a receipt for amethyst scorps that you can sell me? Or any ideas what I can do to get it replaced by R&R without a receipt?
anyone selling a new pair in sz 27? :P
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