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I've got these ones, they're a fantastic skinny fit - Luca Chino  
From New York -      "Whereas Diesel’s collection is generally characterized with an edgy, utilitarian motif, their Menswear collection for Fall/Winter 2012 has surprising feminine touches.  I’ll let you finish your double-take on that statement.  Let me explain… I’m talking about the pretty French blue double-breasted peacoat (I would wear that one too fellas!), the pretty pink button-down shirt as well as the distressed finish pink jeans, the nautical anchors...
Some bell-end has a pair of Thavar 8Y9 - http://deliciousdenim.tumblr.com/
I dunno in my eyes the light threads are a contrast on the dark denim, it just seems more natural that the denim would fade to a lighter colour when it rips.    I'm getting old and my tastes have changed, I used to love wearing Timmen 88s which were dark with holes now I just do simpler stuff. As long are you enjoy wearing them thats the main thing 
  Definitely not to my taste, always think rips and distresses make more sense on lighter denims. Thanks for the photos.
The parent company Rakuten is 1000% legit, have ordered from them when I was living in Thailand. I'd guess they run this French version of the site from Asia and wanted a copy of your passport for ID. Fingers cross everything goes ok.    
Agreed, to be honest nothing really grabs me. Although am interested in the little 8QU colour pallets on Thavar and Braddom, anyone know if these are chino type materials?   Denim wise my collection is pretty much rounded off now as far as shades and colours are concerned. The days of playing "Diesel Pokemon" (Gotta catch em' all) stopped for me a long time ago but its great to see you guys as passionate (and probably as broke) as I was.        
  Do you have cut/wash name for these ones?    
Images from the SS12 press day. The 'exposure' jeans look quite interesting -            
Nope, unfortunately THESE are the new maternity range - http://blog.stylesight.com/denim/diesel-jogg-jeans      
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