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Hello Cindy, my name is Ann (Current Mom). I live in Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen. I'm new on the honnest forum, just got member last sunday. But I already read here a lot before I was member. Just as all of you, I love jeans, and specially R&R!
I also seen them on ebay, some days ago. I mailed the seller and she told me the jeans are made shorter (without the original). They are really short, 1.02m I was also doubting if they were fake or real (I thought real, but I'm not so good at spotting fakes as you guy's are!). Anyway, they are too short for me, so the surch for original crowns continues... (hope I dont write to many spelling mistakes and that you can understand me) Greetings!
I'm quite sure the first one is real. I think it's the rare VB limited edition, with the thick yellow R on the pockets and the blue VB patch on the back. But you guy's know the real one's from the fakes a lot better than me (I'm just an amateur). It's really great to get some help, so thanks a lot.
I love those! I think u have perfect figure for jeans. Really beautiful!
Looking great!
Thanks! I thought they were fake. Here are some more pictures of the 1st pair. that's all I have from the first pair. Seller swore to me they are real, so I hope...
Ok, thanks already. Till later!
No, not paid yet.
Yes, I just bought them on ebay this morning. I still have to go collect them.
It works with the imagshack, thanks for the tip! I really had no idee, so many Belgians here. I read here already for a while, but just got member today. Here's the picture of the 2nd one (I think fake, but hope real offcorse)
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