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Thank you!!! I'm so excited now, finally a real pair of crowns.... Hope now to come to agreement with seller. And if the chromas are real too, I want them also!!! Yeah, I want it all! Damn, I'm becomming a real addict to the R&R jeans, it's all you guy's fault!!! (lol, just joking offcourse, I love to be an R&R addict...) Love to you all! Ann.
I'm so jealous!!! Great collection!!! I been surching for real crowns for quite some time now and I count 4pairs on your pictures!!! Mmm, love them... if you ever sell please one of the crowns, contact me, you never know... (size 28-29)
Hello, Ann from Belgium here again. Can you help me out one's more? Real or fake? It's 2 pair of R&R, the second ones are crowns. I only have 1 picture of the first pair (I dont know the name of this R&R): here are some pictures of the 2nd pair (crowns): (quality of pictures is not so good, but it's all I got) Hoping, hoping that I finally find a real pair of crowns..... Rainy greetings from Belgium!! Ann.
Seller tells me she didn't wear them a lot. But it's difficult to view that from pictures, so I guess I should believe her word fot it (wich is hard for me cause I been fouled before...). (Sorry for writing mistaces...my english spelling is not so good I'm afraid...)
Thanks a lot! Finally I find a real pair (damn, I hate those fakes!!). They are used and the inside tag is no longer there. So I'm doubting about the price, or should I go for it...
Hello, Ann from Belgium again. Are these real, I think so. Is it a good deal at 115euro (=150 american dollars)? Do they run big in size, doen anybody know? Thanks a lot for the help.
I like them both on you, but prefer the fleurs (more flattering on you I think). But keep them both, I think you be sorry to sell those beautiful golden crowns.
Thanks. I was really doubting, thinking they were real (seller told me she still had the store-tags and all, she swore it was real! Not nice of her, hm?!). I find it really difficult with some crowns to see if they're fake or real. Some are easy to spot, but this pair, I really didn't know. You guy's are so good at this, real experts. So thanks for the help!!!
Hello everybody, Ann from Belgium here again. Can you help me out? I'm looking for crowns now for some time and somebody is selling these. Are they the real thing? I hope so, my surch finally over for the crowns and on for the next R&R. Thanks a lot, greetings!
sorry of topic Hey Anna, Ledegem, yeah, that's really close! You shop in Roeselare, let me quess, in the store's that sell R&R (pips and mania)? But there prices are carzy hmm, I always try to buy over the internet, is a lot cheaper. greetings from Roeselare bye
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