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Oh my... I never seen so many fakes all toghetter!!! Discusting...
Damn, that's too bad for the seller!!! Me too, I bought one's a fake pair, seller swore they were real, and that's so terrible!!! But it wasn't that much money like here, that's really a waste... I think it's good you warn the seller, I dont think ebay can do something to you for that.
What about the chromas she's selling now, llok real I think. And yes, still no sign of the crowns... http://cgi.ebay.com/Rock-Republic-St...QQcmdZViewItem
Yeah, looks better now (still dont like Tom though)
Yeah, well it would be too good to be true for me to find 2 real pairs on 1 day! I'm happy with the one pair, my first crowns! But still looking out offcourse...
What you think, could these be real pink crowns? I'm really on a quest for crowns, since I find a real pair, I cant be stopped!! But I think these are fake... What do the experts think please?
Report to ebay! Its against the rules. I did it one's to a seller that was bidding his own items (I HATE that) and he got suspended for 1 month from ebay. So maybe they learn their lesson.
From now on, I'm also looking to buy from US directely, so much cheaper that over here! Thanks for the size info. They told me this in the store, so you see, you cant always believe what you been told.
I'm normally a 28 (if they run normal with the sizing) For the moment still 29-30 though (sizes of the R&R that I buy here in Belgium, I heard they are smaller then the US-one's, I dont know if that's true, never bought one directly from US yet). I have some kilo's left over from the baby, but I'm working on it...
She's a beautiful girl, but I do prefer some female curves!!!
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