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That's the best gift ever: an R&R under the christmastree!!!
Thanks a lot!! I'll go for it, I like them a lot.
Thanks! First pair I spot and a real pair!! If only I had that luck with the R&R. What does TTS mean? Sorry I dont know (feeling a bit stupid now...)
I liked them too on you!
Can u help me out? It's my first pair of page that I would buy. (i'm normally a R&R addict, but I like these so much!). Do these run big or normal in size? But most important offcourse: are they real? Thanks a lot!
The topic is 'is this real' bij odie I upped it for you
up for 'melonir'
There was a topic on this, I think it was yesterday (could have been day before yesterday also). It's a fake accourding to that topic (buttons are off, and other things also...) If I find the topic, I'll up it for you.
I'm in your possition, exactely the same with crowns... But now I finally find a real pair, I agree on a price, I was soooooooo happy... and now I dont hear from the seller anymore..... I'm hoping she contact me again. So, me too, I dont have any good luck with the crowns (I bought fake ones already with a seller who swore they were real... so how bad can my luck be with crowns). But I'm still hoping to get some, still in 2006 if possible!!!
Cindy, they look great!! Cant wait for your other pictures!
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