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Need help once again... I already find my pair of real crowns (pink ones) but it would never hurt to have another pair... What you think of these?
I need a size 29 for the moment (normally 28 but still some left over pregnancy kilo's)
Thanks! The price was too good to be true... Now that I finally find a pair of crowns, I set my mind on finding some rainbow roths... , a girl got to keep busy right?
What you think? Real-Fake?? I think it's a fake, but not sure... Thanks a lot for helping! Ann.
She has good feedback, 100% positive, so I would keep mailing her, it's just been 4 day, maybe she is just not home or online or something... (I know, if you sell something, you should be contacting the byer). I would just give it some more days, maybe she contact you in the weekend. I hope it works out okay for you, I have good feeling because of her feedback score. Succes!!! ps: I also think it is possible to get her contact info from ebay, so that way you can get a...
I think the placement of the blue tag on the back is also off.
Looking great!!!!! Congrats on your first pair of R&R!!! And believe me, if you have one pair, you soon want more, more, more....
Thanks. I will sell them and buy a new pair! That's the best solution.
Hello, my Paige jeans is about 1,5 sizes to big... Would it be possible to shrink them in the dryer or with hot washing? Does anybody had this problem and what did you do? I dont want to do something that destroys them. Thanks already for the help! Greetings, Ann.
Damn, you look so great toghetter!!!!! Glad you had a wonderful time in London. So you already got married in Vegas (that's a dream of mine...) and next year again on the beach.... Waaw, sounds like a dream and you should deffinately get the dress (or a simular one) for that!!! Greetings, Ann
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