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What you think, are these real? I really hope they are... I only have these pictures, hope that's enough to be able to tell. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
eBay.be: rock & republic GEEN NAMAAK!!! (object 140071386406 eindtijd 12-jan-07 10:41:57 CET) The price is still low right now, but it will go up in the last hours, I'm afraid...
Do you mean, can I post it here on honestforum (is that ok to post an ebay link?)?
Yes, that's also true... maybe she doesn't know it that they are fake. I hope the price doesn't go up high because I already feel bad for the person who's gonne buy them, believing they are the real thing!
Thanks! Oh my, I almost cant believe... the seller is such a lier!!!! Well, it's on ebay, but still, she swore it was a true pair... Damn, I hate people like that!! (Lucky I didn't buy yet!).
Are these real crowns? This is the only pic I have for the moment. Can you tell by this picture? Thanks a lot!
I posted this pict of both the jeans, because I think that's the only pic the seller took herself (I think her other pics are stollen)
Here's a picture of both. if they are real: I really like them... but I'm also having my doubts.
My mom was a great lady, she often said "never take yourself too serious". I didn't really understand it at the time (she died when I was only 11years old), but as I grew older, her words often helped me put a smile on my face. So hips, I find it really funny and I absolutely love the fact that you 'dont take yourself too seriously'. Never loose your sense of humor and never take yourself to serious... I can recommand this to everybody!! Love from Belgium, Ann
Thanks!!! I schould know by now, I have a real pair of crowns at home, but with crowns I'm never sure.
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