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Damn, that really does look bad So they just rip while wearing them? Good luck anyway... hope you can replace them!! Cindy, I also own (and wear them a lot -like right now) a pair of crowns and a pair of rainbow roths. Did they just rip while you were wearing them? Because now I'm not feeling all that 'safe' in them (afther seeing these rip-pictures), I'm picturing walking in the city and suddenly getting a rip in my jeans... nightmare...
Thanks. The stitching looked so nice of the 1st pair, so I was thinking 'maybe real', but I'm terrible at spotting the fakes (even the sometimes obvious one's), so thanks a lot for helping me!!! For the 2nd pair, I'm gonne try asking for more pictures (if they don't respond, that alone is an indication for a fake, I think...).
Can u help me out with these 2 pairs of R&R? They are from 2 different sellers. pics of 1ste pair: of the 2nd pair, I only have 1 picture:
Yes, I know the dryer isn't any good for jeans... but it shrinks them so well and then they fit so nice. Do you mean cold wash in het washing machine for the cristallized jeans? Or cold wash by hand? Thanks a lot!!
My n°1 pair are my pink madrid crystal crowns, I love them and wear them for 2 days about every 2 weeks. I also love my rainbow roths, but they are 1 size too big, so I always put them in dryer and then they look great on for some hours . I wear those every week for 1 day. I can only dream to own 12 pairs of R&R... in that case I think I would wear R&R every day of the week! What a luxery! (I have only 3 pair of R&R) I also love my citizens, but my R&R's are def my...
Hello, I just love my pink crowns, I wear them so much and I always wash them by hand... But I really like to try washing them in the machine. Can I do that with the cristals? My other R&R's, not cristallized, I always wash in the machine and even put in the dryer. They are my favorite and most expensive pair of jeans, so I don't want to destroye them or lose cristals... Thanks for tips!
I dont have a better pic to check out the style on the tag, but the cut # 000429. If only they could be real: I love to have a pair of these!
Hey, I was thinking a bit the same as you do: the stitching looks so good, too good to be fake imo... but the crystals make me doubt... The sellers claims it's a brand new jeans, she bought it in store with the crystals on. I'm really unsure about this one... I love to buy them but I'm doubting too much about 'real or fake' and that's hardly ever a good sign...
Are these real? I'm thinking: yes, but I been wrong in the past, so help is very welcome! Thanks already!!!
Thanks. Damn, another ebay seller who swore they were real, but is selling fakes... I hate that!!!! Thanks for help!
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