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Thank u so for answering. They are from the site yoox.com   They also sell this one (see picture) and I found the same one on ebay with seller 'brands-outlet'... on ebay they say style: U075-D54-ALM (on the yoox site they never give nrs). If I google this nr, there's only German and Italian sites, so I'm very suspicious if it's real.     
Hello, could u help me out with these 2 sevens? First is a white straight leg pair, I think fake cause I dont know this style, it's with sequins and I dont see seven logo on the small studs. Second pair is a flare style. I have no further info, no nrs, no detail pics, just these ones. Hoping that's enough to see if if they are fake or real.   Thank u so. Lovely greetings from Belgium, Ann      
Could these nightfall ugg's be real (the Deckers outdoor corporation ones)? And how about these classic tall ones? Thank u so for helping... I really need the help because I once bought fakes and I hope never again. Love from Belgium! Ann.
Waaw... this must really be my lucky day !!! Thanks a million for the help!! I'm buying them both!!
Hello, me again, can I please also ask about another one. It's from the same seller as the black one. link to imageshack, clearer picture: http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/7192/67492171.jpg
Thanks!! I really thought they were fake because of that off-printing of the numbers. Very happy they are real because I love to buy them. thank u!
Sorry, it seems the pic I posted is very tiny too see correct, this is the link for the pic on imageshack, that's more clear pic. http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/1828/39047483.jpg
Could this be possible: the printing of the style number & cut# has gone wrong and is too high... Can these be real and that it's some factury-default on them? Or does this yell's fake? Thanks for the help! greetz from Belgium Ann.
Thanks, really!!!!!!! It was already a bad sign: I asked for more pictures of the 2nd pair and didn't get any... Thanks, for putting a pic of a real one, I can see the difference very good now (and what a difference!!!!)!!! Pfff, all that fake, I'm getting so angry, specially if the seller is 'swearing' she got them from a store and they are 100% real. If it wasn't for honestforum, I would be fooled again and again...
Yes, I can see it now!! Do you know, I have 2 pairs of real roths at home... butt still sometimes I'm doubting if I see one on ebay if it's real or fake. So I'm sooo happy to be member of honestforum!! Otherwise, I would already have spend a lot of money on fake ones (and I rather go naked then wear a fake one!! )
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