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Thanks everyone! It's been a nice birthday!
I couldn't get onto HF since Sat. afternoon!
Christine, you look awesome (as usual)! I wish my jeans looked that good on me!
Sorry that I can't be of any help in telling you what a good price is for them, but I would be interested in buying them if you decide to sell. PM me if you do. Thanks!
Those look awesome on you!! Where did you get them?
Yeah!! Those look sooooooooooooo good on you! They look much better on your butt than they did on mine! I'm glad that they fit you.
Sorry about your bad day. I hope that you get your shipping mix up fixed! It happens to everyone so don't beat yourself up. I had a bad day too! I had to put my cat to sleep today and I've been crying so much that I couldn't even put my contacts in . On the bright side, I did get a pair of NYD Baby Blue A Pockets today that I love!
You could try using Oxyclean. It works on EVERYTHING! I accidently washed lights with a dark navy blue shirt and everything turned blue. I soaked it all in a solution of Oxyclean and all the stain came out! I couldn't believe it.
I find that they are wider in the waist and tighter in the hips and upper legs than other SFAM. I thought that they had a slightly higher rise, but that might be because of the tighter fit.
Those look awesome on you! I just got a pair too and I love them , although they don't look as good on me as they do on you!!
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