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Love the column searches & preview pics. What would be most helpful to me would be a column-search by size. I hate having to scroll/scan looking for my size, I think this would be a huge help!
I think we talked about this, but from my understanding talking to a lot of people in the social work field, where you went to school for your MSW really doesn't matter -- and several people advised against going to Columbia (where I got in) because it is so unbelievably expensive and just not worth it to have the name, that the program isn't even that good and when hiring no one really cares. Pretty much just make sure the program is accredited.
hrm i guess i was thinking like chat-rooms, or other forums where there are people hanging out... I chat w/friends on AIM/Yahoo/MSN but sometimes they're not around... I didn't realize HF had a chat function! Cool!
OK, I'm totally lame. I want to chat online with strangers (or not-so-strangers) but I'm not sure where to go. I've tried IRC without much success -- not sure which rooms to go to, I guess. Anyone have recommendations on where a relative newbie can go for chatting?
Hi everyone, I just got a few pairs of 7FAM from the forums, and, sadly, even with the highest pair of heels I can wear, they need to be hemmed. It seems like, from what I've read, hemming "with original hems" is the more desirable way to hem? Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have my mom to do my hemming for me since I'm a complete sewing klutz, but she doesn't know how to hem "with original", and even though I've seen a thread on here showing how to do it, I'm not sure I...
Ahh, cool, thanks for the explanation about the style numbers. The A's themselves are stitched in a dark blue, almost-black thread. Thanks again!
I just bought a pair of blue A-pockets from Nordstroms (marked down to $100 plus an additional 25% off coupon, woot!). Anyway: I notice that the style number of the A-pockets I just bought (U130N080U, and the tag says "Niagara" ) isn't in the Style Guide. However, the number without the "N" (U130080U) is listed twice: " Fiji Studded A (FIJS) U130080U" and "Niagara (NAJ) U130080U". -- So... is it possible it's a typo in the Style Guide? Or am I reading the style...
New Posts  All Forums: