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Its lowky and louvely actually for gurlz...
Clear your inbox!
8KM is the tightest thicar yet... But looks like 8IE after about 6 months wear, or 4-5 machine washes.
Quote: Originally Posted by ugulini . the Bloomingdales associate must be on crack . ..... Very possible. Otherwise, maybe Bloomingdales just isnt ordering it from now on. Since they are a wholesale account they only order what they project will sell to their consumer base, not neccessarily all the styles that diesel makes. Its hard for me to believe that viker doesnt sell there though..
Yes, that is exactly how DDG samples look, and yes, of course they exist!
In concept the fit is like a new onijo. However it is slimmer, and probably better described as darron with a higher rise and lower back pockets.
Here's a pic, I forgot the name though... Its all leather, and cut like the infamous relise, though it was produced much prior to FW05 (relise).
Looks to me like thanaz 89s judging by the fit and the red pockets
There are a lot more than 2 DDG versions, those are just the somewhat common ones. For about 2 years almost every DDG was in Riohma, including a biege wash (similar to viker back), a steel grey with stitching details (similar to safado 8HU) and I believe 751 (off white). I have seen also a marbleized / streaky grey as well...
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Just called the Miami flagship store, they dont even have it in their systems for USA, looks like I am going to have to search the UK OLI, retail on the 8HUs was around $240 or so if memory serves me correctly Stripe is 8HB not 8HU. As for 8DK Miami lied to you, or didnt know what they were doing on the computer, they are still available. PM me and Ill get you a pair.
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