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Why do you ask, do you WANT them to fade and shrink, or are you nervous that they will fade and shrink and want to avoid that??? Fading is going to depend on the color/treatment of the denim and will vary. Shrinkage is usually about 1/2 size, but temporary as they will stretch right back out upon wearing them. You should just wash on cold, and dry on low. Then you dont have to worry about any of that. Also important to buy your correct size, as to not rely on...
Saw this yesterday. Kinda wish it was made in any other material other than leather. Details are nice, cut is nice, but I dont think leather was the smartest choice for production material.
How about Slammer 73J. More relaxed than thanaz but similar silhouette... And no godawful zipper back pockets on that pair.
Why do you buy a pair of jeans if you want to change something about them before you even wear them...
They commonly fall off of 8dk, the fabric is not as sturdy as some of the 100% cotton pairs. Keep in mind this was also the 1st safado, so even if yours were BNWT when you bought them, theyve been around for a while. Mine fell off as well, but I actually like it better without in this wash...
The only thing I like about Zathan 772 2003, is when someone is wearing a pair they bought in 2003. When they are hanging on by a thread and there are rips and freys all over, not just those 3 splotchy "rubs". When they are almost white because they are so faded, and grungy as hell... I think to myself "Wow, those turned out nice." Maybe Ill think that about yours in 6 years.
^8JL matic, Yeah thats a good one. Although, there is Clush 8KM also which rocks my world as well... That one is not on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae ^ Dylan, if its the post right above you you don't have to quote it everytime. Just have an arrow pointing up or something. ^^LOL Quote: Originally Posted by dylan61_772 Thanks again for your wisdom, Dad ^^LOLOL Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym ^^LOL ^^LOLOL ^^LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOL
81E looks a lot like 8EY from FW07, which came in onijo special and matic.
^^ Truth
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