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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! Yeah, Yeah!!
^Actually dauphin. I do have the mists too though You really should consider one or the other, if you get the mist SIZE UP 1!
^ Ohh, Zepp got his playtime... Too busy barking, eating concrete, chasing birds for any pics... Ohh yeah, and he peed on his AA t shirt.
TY Cutup^ Brad, This one is REALLY old, I got it like 5 years ago. It's by far my fave, and I doubt Ill find one I like better at any price! Ive seen them though at urban outfitters, and even some vintage shops, just usually not great quality. **Key is to get it really stretched out**
Fine day in the big city, no need for a jacket Me and Shannon
+1 to my boys above! yooz know who yooz beez. Edit, by above I guess I mean on the previous page... I'm just waiting for the visit, the door is open, as is my schedule!
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 ^ dont you mean "we"? yessir!
Many companies have shown on the runway, and partly produced within their collections, cape like silhoutes in jackets and sweaters (even dresses for women) for the past few years now. I dont think there will be any huge following within this style, although goth-ninja style have been mixing it in.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpalma121 lol Over here the WAYWT thread is on Prince and Broadway on a Sunday afternoon. LOL, and dont try to take any big steps, standing absolutely still is about all you can do.
No, but Id love to one day...
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