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Umac that jacket looks great! +1
^ No... Wish I had half that much space!
If I may... Taking from my WAYWT posts- ~Some boots NEED to be tucked, most boots with wider upper shaft, including many combat styles, especially those with side zip in addition to the laces. Rick Owens with tuck ~Others can go both ways, as Cutup mentioned it depends on the way you lace them and the overall look of the outfit. Margiela with tuck- Like above looks but with a different boot- A little more rugged/slubby/grunge.. Margiela without tuck- A...
^Thanks man! LOL at that lanvin shit! So close to keeping them... But its not worth it to just wear them like once every few months. Think I have a few more footwearzz to list as well in the next few days...
Simple outfit today: slubby T, sleeveless hoodie, same old hat, german armys, trench not pictured. CUTUP: chinew special is for you!
^QFT Nice clean look Anthony! +1
Kander is inspired by Onijo = Pseudonym approved!
Nice find, and nice first post!
^True, matic is lowest, and if you can track down 81M, thats probably the lowest matic ever released.
Vintage/consignment: Tokio7, 7th st btw 1st+2nd Ave Amarcord, Lafayette btw spring and prince Both of those are al little less mainsteream than Diesel, TR... You will find MMM, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior, Rogan... Big TJMaxx/Overstock type store: Century 21 on Commerce street WTC location. They will have diesel and everything you can think of, place is huge, make sure to set aside a few hours!
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