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Finally, a sunny day without rain in NYC! Rogan striped dropsleeve slub tee Margiela Shorts (were pants) Yohji Yamamoto Y's Sneaks
^Or topshop. I recently had a pair of topshop black trousers in 28 that was too small for me, and I too am a 26 in Diesel. I think you will need a 30 from there for reference, as I did, but their stuff is pretty good for the price in terms of both fit and quality of fabric.
Audio: Im glad you went with the A77. Nice choice and great deal! (and CUTUP)
I do see the similarity now. Thanks, I had no idea what a homeless person looked like, nor the blatent connection in my appearance with one.. I will adjust my lifestyle immediately to: >>Taking steriods so I can no longer put my hands in my pockets. >>Shopping at Rave, Deb, Forever 21, etc. for items WAY too tight for me. >>Feeling special by not telling where my jacket is from. Then will you like me?
Quote: Originally Posted by MAGNUS taking my girls and their friends out for gelato,and i know all 7 of them are going to drive me crazy Soo funny how you comented on my "ill fitting" post, only to grace us with that. This is not my attempt at retaliation, but seriously? Only my opinion of course, but Id rather be accused of raiding my older brothers closet for my slubby style than look like I raided my younger sisters closet for...
^ I find that analysis really interesting... You can have your opinion, no hate, but in my opinion you have a lot to learn about fashion, sillhouettes, and style. You also picked probably the worst example of all my WAYWT pics ever to talk about ill fitting...
Although ^ this dialog is killing me, I will interupt with some pics. Mostly Margiela today / Jeanshop raw
GLHboy : SOO FUCKING RAD. I want one soo badly!
^+1 in chat and +1 here, Jacket looks good, nice simple outfit.
Zathan, Keever, Timmen, Dughan, Revick, Clush
New Posts  All Forums: