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Theres this function on this forum called 'private messaging', have you guys heard of it? Just wondering.
^ this would be true. 8SM is def tighter in the same size as 88Z. Both will stretch, 8SM about 1 size, 88Z about 2 sizes. I owned both in the same size, 8SM always fit better, 88Z was always a little loose.
Get Darron 64U, basically a hybrid of the 2 washes in color and fabric. Its a solid dark black/blue stretch denim. Brand new for SS10 Preview and in stores now.
Cutup those KKs take the cake. GAWD I need black.
Yo, older member! Nostalgia!
Yes! Been very into this line as of lately. Shall post some pics of pick ups.
Ill bite! PMed.
Thanks guys. Dave the Y's retailed for 369+tax. I picked em up over the winter for ~40-50% off.
Oh yeah, those Y's sneaks are these: I was selling them, but then decided to keep them. I had to change the insole to a slim one though because they were killing my feet in the width. Figured Id do one more WAYWT, while Im at it. Similar vibe to yesterday. Margiela LS henley and Tapered Jeans Y's Sneaks Cheapo Bandana
No offense taken at 'homo' comment. Certainly not the first time for this in my life, nor on this forum. Interestingly, Sunday was the Gay Pride parade in NYC, so the 'homos' were VERY BRIGHTLY dressed. This did not fuel my decision to wear grey white and black, I do have a very monochromatic wardrobe and style in gerenal. Once and a while Ill through in some navy blue or olive green, but thats about it. Not sure a color would have really changed the look of the...
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