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I thought you did an amazing job! I am sorry to hear it didn't work out for you.
Wow those are so pretty. I love purple as well! You should have got them, they would have looked great!
LOL I am actually from Vauxhall if you have ever heard of that. We are the potato capital of alberta
oh I have been to the one in Woodbury commons and Vegas.
They usually always have hoodies and t-shirts as well. I think the hoodies were like 69 and shirts around 30.
Thanks for the heads up! I am coming up to Calgary in a couple of weeks so will go there for sure.
Is that the winners in Signal Hill? DO they have much for women?
Yes its like a power centre place. There is Ikea and Home depot and such. Its right at the end or start of the city depending on where you are coming from.
5% here and when I shop in Montana 0!!!
Yes Century 21 is awesome. I got some sevens there for 79. Plus I took a trip to Woodbury common outlets and they have a TR one there.
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