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Hi, Could someone that has these please describe the wash? I didn't like the Anthrax wash at all so I am wondering if I will like these. Thanks!
Is it normal for a new pair of men's R&R to have an inseam less than 34" or is the seller possible measuring wrong? TIA!
Most of the USPS tracking numbers can also be tracked on www.canadapost.ca. I have noticed that tracking numbers that start with a LJ never show up but the others do. I don't know what the difference is with the LJ but I have found that when a seller sends me electronic tracking info I get more up to date info on the Canada Post website.
Could I please pm someone? TIA!
Got it, thanks!
Is there anyone around that can do a men's check? TIA!
My guy is a 36 too and I got him Joey's in a 36 and they were fine. Not tight at all and not even close to being narrow in the leg, they are very flared. Go by measurements because I think he almost could have sized down one.
Quote: Originally Posted by apple_28 i never knew there was such a thing as partially unlocked... lol maybe pacific mall will have it? Sorry, I should clarify. It is not partially unlocked. When you put your SIM in you can unlock the phone for your SIM and that way you get phone and text. When I bought my phone I took it to several unlocking companies and no one can fully unlock it to get internet and TMobile will not unlock it at all. If you...
Quote: Originally Posted by lopez_lova There was one called the "hip-top" which was an exact rip off of the Sidekick in the states, however i heard it was discontinued. i would love to get one as well. The Hip Top and SK3 are the same phone. TMobile has the rights to call it the SK3. Companies like Suncom call it the Hip Top. They are the same phone, both made by Sharp.
Yes, you can get one at Tmobile and use it here but for phone and texting only, no internet, no email, no msn/aol/yahoo and no downloading. What I did was bought a pay as you go so when I want to download ringtones or applications I just pop the other sim in, do whatever I need to do and pop the Rogers one in after its done. Personally I think you are better off getting one where you can use everything. If you are going to pay that much wait for the IPhone.
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